Our Cafe

Right in the heart of downtown Rockland, our cafe offers quick service breakfast and lunch, with lovingly crafted seasonal menu options.

The perfect cozy hangout for handcrafted specialty coffee, fresh baked pastries and a full service espresso bar.

While you're there be sure to say hi to our friends at Hello Hello Books


Located at 316 Main Street, Rockland, ME 04841

Open 7am to 5pm everyday

Give us a call at 207-594-5688 ext.1

Cafe Manager: Zachary Bence


Coffee, Espresso Drinks and More!

Milk Options: Whole / Skim / Oat (+.80¢) / Almond (+.80¢)
Daily Drip Select from our daily brews
8oz $2.10
12oz $2.75
16oz $3.25
20oz $3.65
Espresso $3.30
Served as a double
Americano hot or iced
Any Size $3.30
Cortado 6oz $4.60
Cappuccino 8oz $5.25
Flat White 8oz $4.95
Chai hot or iced
12oz / 16oz $4.40
16oz / 20oz $5.05
20oz / 24oz $5.70
Cafe Aú Lait Select from our daily brews
12oz $3.90
16oz $5.05
20oz $5.45
Cold Brew
16oz $3.75
20oz $5.45
24oz $5.99
Nitro Cold Brew Recommended with no ice!
16oz $4.75
20oz $5.45
24oz $6.10
Tea hot or iced
12oz / 16oz $2.75
16oz / 20oz $3.20
20oz / 24oz $3.55
Matcha Latte hot or iced
12oz / 16oz $3.99
16oz / 20oz $4.35
20oz / 24oz $4.65
Ambrosia Nectar of the Gods
8oz $5.50
12oz $6.15
Latte hot or iced
12oz / 16oz $5.50
16oz / 20oz $6.15
20oz / 24oz $6.80
Mocha hot or iced
12oz / 16oz $6.45
16oz / 20oz $7.10
20oz / 24oz $7.75
Flavored Lattes hot or iced
Maine Morning / Raspberry Kiss / Seasonal Flavors
12oz / 16oz $6.30
16oz / 20oz $6.95
20oz / 24oz $7.60
Flavored Mochas hot or iced
German Chocolate / South of the Border / Seasonal Flavors
12oz / 16oz $7.25
16oz / 20oz $7.90
20oz / 24oz $8.55

Breakfast Menu

All are made with scrambled eggs, and are available in Plain, Spinach, Tomato, or Gluten-Free Wrap (add $1.10), Brioche, or House-Made English Muffin (add $1.10).

The Classic Jones $6.70

Just egg & cheese

Santa Fe $7.25

With cheddar cheese and salsa

Mushroom and Spinach $7.80

With Swiss cheese

Mexicali $8.25

Cheddar, roasted sweet potato, corn, black beans, rice, salsa & a lil' chipotle 

Sausage and Cheese $8.95

House-made savory breakfast sausage and cheddar cheese

Bacon and Cheddar $8.95

No nitrate bacon

Reuben $9.99

Peppery pastrami, Swiss, Morse's Sauerkraut with house-made Russian dressing. 

More Breakfast!

Toast $2.25 (gluten-free +.85¢) 

butter / jelly / peanut butter

Mo Bowl $3.25

small serving of scrambled eggs in a bowl

Add cheese .50¢

Granola Parfait - Cup $4.50 / Bowl $5.75 

    house-made granola (has almonds), french vanilla yogurt and topped with blueberries


    Sandwiches and Wraps

    All served with house-made chips or house-made french fries (+$2.75).

    Make it Gluten-Free with Hootin' Gluten Bread +$1.70

    Wrap Options: Plain / Spinach / Tomato / Gluten-Free (+$1.10)

     Grilled Cheese $8.40

      Made with sharp cheddar or Swiss, tomato & dijon on Borealis Sourdough.

      Add Bacon $2.75 / Add Jalapeños .60¢

      Autumn Turkey Sandwich $11.75

      Herb roasted sweet potatoes, turkey, lettuce & house-made cranberry mayo on toasted Borealis Sourdough.

      Pastrami Reuben $11.75

        Peppery pastrami on Borealis Rye with Swiss cheese, Morse's Sauerkraut and house-made Russian dressing. 

        Meatloaf Sandwich $11.75

          House-made meatloaf on Borealis Sourdough with caramelized onions, horseradish mayo & ketchup.

          Chicken Apple Wrap $11.20

            Local chicken, apples, celery, scallions, dried cranberries and mayo with melted cheddar or Swiss cheese in a wrap.

            Mexicali Burrito $9.50

              Roasted sweet potato, corn, black beans, rice, salsa and a lil' chipotle. Wrapped & grilled with a side of salsa. 

              Add Cheese .60¢ / Add Chicken $2.75 / Side of Guacamole .85¢

              Tofu Bahn Mi $10.65

                Fried tofu, sriracha mayo, Rock City slaw made with carrots, scallions, peppers, cabbage and a ginger garlic dressing in a wrap.

                Rock City Quesadilla $10.00

                  Cheddar cheese, sautéed onions, green chilies, grilled in a flour tortilla. Salsa and sour cream on the side.

                  Add Chicken $2.75 / Side of Guacamole .80¢

                  Caesar Salad $8.95

                    Crunchy romaine, crispy croutons, tossed in our house-made dressing (has anchovies) and topped with parmesan.

                    Add Chicken $2.75 


                    Kids Menu

                    All served with Cape Cod Chips

                    PB & J $5.60

                      natural peanut butter & jelly

                      Grilled Cheese $5.60

                        cheddar on bread

                        BLT $5.60

                          a classic crowd pleaser